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What is Marijuana

The marijuana plant is one of the most controversial plants in the world. It is important to ensure to know the difference between facts and myths of cannabis.

Marijuana is derived from the Indian plant called Hemp. The drug that gives you a high feeling is mainly from the flower itself. The seeds, leaves, and stems also have some “drug” in them but the flower is the main psychoactive property of the plant.

When marijuana is packaged for sale, it usually comes with a combination of dried leaves, stems, and flowers. The color of cannabis will be a mixture of brown and green.

Benefits of Using Cannabis

Cannabis has been proven to aid in medical illnesses and physical pain. The potency of THC found in marijuana plants gives users instant relief with no dangerous effects.

Medical benefits of using marijuana include:

  1. Reduce depression and anxiety
  2. Relieve pains such as arthritis and back pain
  3. Increase appetite and ability to sleep

For those who want to experience the effects of cannabis without getting high, consuming CBD is the way to go as it will not have any psychoactive properties of THC.

How Do You Use Marijuana?

There are many ways that you can use marijuana. It can be used to smoke as a cigarette or pipe. It can also replace tobacco in cigar and smoke it as a “blunt.” Edible is a popular form of consuming marijuana as it can be made into a delicious treat such as brownies.

The effects of taking cannabis depend on factors such as an individual’s tolerance and sex. For example, the effects of smoking weed are usually immediate compared to edibles.

The potency of marijuana is also an indicator of the sensation intensity that one feels. To avoid getting too high, it is best to plan ahead. Take it slowly and remember that some effects will take longer for it to come into effect.

Legalization of Cannabis in Canada

Cannabis has been legalized in Canada since October 17th of 2018 under the Cannabis Act. The law surrounding marijuana differs slightly according to each province. Here is a quick breakdown of regulations for buying cannabis online in Canada.

The minimum age to use cannabis in all provinces is 19 years old except Alberta and Quebec, where the legal age is 18 and 21 respectively.

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