Next Level Workouts – Fueled by Cannabis

People are discovering that weed can do more than just get you high – it can enhance your ability to perform in a variety of areas, including fitness and sports. Marijuana can improve your workout and let you have more fun in the process.

Cannabinoids and Balanced Body

As research dives deeper into endocannabinoid system, we are discovering more and more ways that cannabinoids found in marijuana can benefit the human mind and body. Cannabinoid receptors, often referred to as CB receptors, are found in both the brain and the body. Most of those in the brain and central nervous system are CB1 receptors, while those located in the body are CB2 receptors. When you consume THC, it usually attaches to your CB1 receptors, while CBD tends to attach to your CB2 receptors.

When your CB receptors are filled, your brain and body tend to perform better. The balance that is created when your CB receptors are filled can help you think better and react more quickly. It can help you reach a flow state, where you can get the most out of your workout.

Smoke Weed for Exercise – Experiment to Find the Product that Works for You

While the science behind weed and exercise is exciting, there is still no instruction book on what product will work best for which person. To know what will products your body will benefit most from for each activity you enjoy, you will need to do your own experimentation. Fortunately, there are few experiments more enjoyable than consuming cannabis.

You can draw on some common knowledge to steer you in the right direction. CBD products, such as the Harlequin strain, are known to be helpful for pain and discomfort – which means you can use them to help with soreness or old injuries that keep you from working out. Indica hybrids are helpful for their calming effects, making them obvious choices for activities like yoga. And sativa strains tend to stimulate, which could be useful for demanding exercise like trail running.

A Little Exercise to go with Your Weed

You know you want to get high and get fit. So what kind of exercise should you choose? Here are a few ideas:


There are few things that go together better than weed and hiking. Getting out in nature, topping beautiful vistas and getting high is a perfect way to spend a morning, an afternoon or a whole day. Just be sure to do a little planning. Know how long you are going for, pack water and food and bring a map.


A lot of runners swear by weed for running. Try out a combination of marijuana and a jog and see what you think.


Weed makes feeling the music and letting go a lot easier. And you can burn calories while you do it.


Watch a video or take a class. However you get your instruction, being high and flowing through a yoga class is a recipe for relaxation.

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