Edibles are cannabis-based food products that are infused with the active ingredient THC. Edibles can make made into baked goods, drinks, candies and full-on gourmet meals. Truly any recipe that calls for butter or oil can be substituted with THC products. Smoking cannabis and investing cannabis technically the same but how your body processed the compound is very different. When marijuana is infested, cannabinoids enter through the liver and stomach which increases the potency and delays the onset effects. Edibles also lengthen the effects of cannabis, perfect for medical users looking for long-lasting relief.

The effects of edibles can last almost twice as long as smoking cannabis, in some cases lasting up to 6 hours. However, the majority of edibles only last anywhere from 4-5 hours long.

History of Edibles

While most cannabis enthusiasts think of edibles in the form of everything imaginable, this cast of cannabis extraction dates back to 1500 BCE in India with humble beginnings. India, the country where indica cannabis was discovered cultivated a drink called Bhang. Made from ground bud leaves and clarified butter with a touch of spices is believed to be the first iteration of cannabis edibles. As cannabis was studies and document it became widely popular throughout Europe.

Today we all know a cannabis chief, one that whips up edibles we all love and look forward to. We also have professional chefs like Micheal Magallanes who create cannabis cookbooks, but cannabis cookbooks go back a lot farther than most think. Emerging during the 15th century, Italian Chief Bartolomeo Platina published a cookbook the featured a cannabis edible recipe that read:

/“To make cannabis yourself more commonly used as flax for thread, use a mallet to crush clods collected after a good harvest. Add cannabis to nard oil in an iron pot, crush together over some heat and liquefy into a health drink of cannabis nectar. Carefully treat food and divide for the stomach and the head. Finally, remember everything in excess may be harmful or criminal./

Luckily today in Canada, edibles Canada products are no longer criminal.

Edible recipes have remained a huge part of the cannabis culture today. Recipes and methods take many forms from chefs around the world.

Types of Edibles Available Today

With Cannabis Edibles being fully legal in the marijuana industry, many companies have come up with innovative and revolutionary methods for investing the substance. Cannabis chiefs are also still common, purchasing from your local dispensary or your online dispensary has become even more common with a wide range of products and dosages available.

Not to mention the consistency of professionals made cannabis products.

Today we get to enjoy cannabis edibles like:
And much, much more

Buy why pick edibles over smoking?

Edibles are often suggested when used to treat ailments such as chronic pain, cancer-related symptoms, and anxiety. This is mainly due to the long lasting effects of edibles provide.

While smoking cannabis isn’t often referred to as “un-healthy”, research has brought to light the negative health that can be similar to cigarette smoke. Some research even go as far as linking marijuana use as a risk to lung cancer[Marijuana use and risk of lung cancer: a 40-year cohort study – PubMed](https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23846283/).

As cannabis edibles don’t involve any combustion, no products have even been shown to negatively affect lung health or cancer risk.

How much should you take?

Everyone’s tolerance is different from cannabis edibles, but you must always identify how much THC or CBD is in one single serving. Knowing the serving of marijuana THC in the serving can save you some worry in the long run to avoid the common “green out”.

The average amount of in THC Gummies usually contains 10mg, a very standard small dose. Not all edible products are easy to measure the dose, however. Items like brownies and cookies are more of an estimated dosage when broken up.

When in Doubt Start Slow

While this might not be the fastest way to get your cannabis high, this is definitely the safest. Making sure you are comfortable with the product is always key to getting the perfect high. Start with 10-20mg and wait an hour before increasing the dose.

You can always have more, but you can’t go back in time to take less.

THC Dosing Guide

While most people can smoke until the cows come home, not everyone has high tolerances for THC edibles. Several factors involved when trying to determine your cannabis

How many MG of edibles should you eat?

For those looking to explore the delouse word of cannabis edibles, always take into account your individual body chemistry and the experience you’re looking for. However, there’s always one basic guideline to help you find the right dose for the occasion.

1-2.5 mg THC edibles
Often considered a micro-dose, the effects include mild refill from systems like stress, anxiety, and pain.
Can bring increase focus and creativity at this low dose.
Great for first-time cannabis edible users or regulars looking for a microdose.

2.5 – 15 mg THC
More of a recreational dose, this range of mg offers a stronger relief from pain and anxiety symptoms.
Can being on feelings of euphoria
The suggested standard for recreational dose, and amazing for good night sleep.

15 – 30mg THC
Effects include strong pain relief and mild relaxation.
Euphoria and body relaxation
Suggested for experienced edibles users.

30mg+ THC
Effects include strong pain relief and relaxation
Intended for those who have a tolerance to cannabis.