Cannabis. Marijuana. Weed. Pot. These are just some of the common names for the marijuana flower that people have grown to love. Today, we will be going over 35 interesting facts you didn’t know about marijuana, and see how much you actually know about the cannabis that you use on the daily.

What You Should Know Before Smoking Marijuana

  1. It takes a team of people to legalize marijuanaThanks to the proactive actions of Justin Trudeau, marijuana has been legalized in Canada for both medical and recreational use. Hundreds of people helped have made this happen alongside him.
  2. Canadians love their weed – According to Statistics by Canada, over two million Canadians smoke cannabis on a daily or weekly basis. That is a number higher than the government originally estimated for cannabis users.
  3. It is possible to eat raw marijuana – Since eating raw weed means that the THC levels are not released due to heat, it won’t give you the “high” feeling you are seeking. However, it will still retain its medicinal benefits and will help with nausea.
  4. Cannabis is the official scientific term – Cannabis is the commonly used term to describe the psychotropic plant. Now, we refer to cannabis with all sorts of slang terms such as pot and weed.
  5. Cravings after using cannabis – Using marijuana as a recreational activity often leads to craving more food. To prove this theory, a lab study was done in 2014 on mice. The results showed that long-term use of cannabis did make the mice lose weight and eat less.
  6. The legal age of cannabis use according to the Canadian province Cannabis has been legalized in Canada since October 17th of 2018 under the Cannabis Act. The law surrounding marijuana differs slightly according to each province. Here is a quick breakdown of regulations for buying cannabis online in Canada. The minimum age to use cannabis in all provinces is 19 years old except Alberta and Quebec, where the legal age is 18 and 21 respectively.
  7. Legalities to growing weed at home – Citizens in all provinces except Quebec and Manitoba are allowed to grow up to four cannabis plants at home. For Quebec, they have decided to be excluded from this rule. For Manitoba, they require a medical license for citizens to grow weed at home.
  8. Difference between Indica and Sativa? – Indica VS Sativa. These two cannabis pots are complete opposites from one another. Cannabis Sativa is a strain of weed that makes you be more productive and let your creative juices flow. Cannabis Indica is a strain of weed that makes you calmer and decreases your energy levels.
  9. Justin Trudeau smokes weed with no regretsAccording to the Canadian Press, Trudeau has smoked pot a total of five or six times in his life and has no regrets about doing so.
  10. Canada’s cannabis black market keeps thriving – While cannabis is now legal in Canada, the black market for the marijuana plant is still booming. This is largely due to the legal stuff not being as good as an Online dispensary or other illicit stores.
  11. The black market saw a decrease of 21% – With an increase in online dispensaries in Canada, activities in this area have somewhat decreased. Mail Order Marijuana has made it extremely easy for users to order online and mail it discreetly to the comforts of their own home.
  12. Shakespeare was a pothead? – There was evidence that William Shakespeare had grown weed in his garden. Even the Bard of Avon needed a relaxing dose of herb once in a while.
  13. Cannabis came from Asia – According to an analysis of fossil pollen, the marijuana plant might have originated from Tibet. It then arrived in Europe 6 million years ago and spread all throughout China and beyond.
  14. Weed was an early crop – The marijuana plant has been cultivated by humans for as long as thousands of years now, making it one of our earliest crops.
  15. The word marijuana could be banned in Canada – Health Canada has been actively trying to abolish the negative connotation associated with “marijuana.” There is a long dark history of how this term became popular, especially in the states back in the 1930s. Canada is now referring to the term as “cannabis.”
  16. Nova Scotians smoke the most weed in Canada – Nova Scotians are the most stoned people in Canada! A close second is the people in New Brunswick, with Quebec being the least stoned province in all of Canada.
  17. The Chinese Emperor wore hemp clothing – The use of hemp dates all the way back to 10000 BC in China. Cannabis was also used for medical purposes and as a healing method.
  18. Nomadic Scythians brought cannabis to Europe – Herodotus, a Greek historian, had documented cannabis use in funeral rites in 450 BC. This was a ceremony that might have introduced the flower to Europe.
  19. The difference between CBD and THC – THC and CBD are similar in which they both come from the same cannabis flower. The main difference between the two is that users will be able to feel the “high” effects of THC but not in CBD. This means that ingesting CBD pills will not be intoxicating, where the user won’t feel any type of high. Some people only want the pain management benefits of cannabis, therefore CBD concentrates will be the better option for you. Our tip to buy cannabis online depends on where you live. If you live in Canada, you can buy it right here at our online dispensary. If you want to buy CBD in the UK, a great option can be found at CBD Gummies UK.
  20. Cannabis is used as an analgesic – Cannabis is commonly used as an option to relieve neuropathic pain. It also has other medicinal benefits such as reducing anxiety and depression.
  21. Cannabis has high amounts of active cannabinoids – One of the more famous cannabinoids is THC, where it is responsible for the “high” feeling that people get
  22. Terpenes Are The Foundation For Marijuana’s Smell – Terpenes, a compound found in cannabis, are what gives its flower the distinct aroma depending on the strain of weed
  23. Indians enjoyed weed too – The early culture of India showed that the country took advantage of the flower’s psychotropic and medicinal effects. This is why cannabis is one of the five sacred plants of the country.
  24. Cannabis in the Ancient World – There are many ancient cannabis products and extractions that can be found in online dispensaries. It has been shown that the flower has been used in the past to treat conditions like constipation and malaria.
  25. Cannabis in Egypt – Evidence of cannabis oil has been found in a few Egyptian tombs, including Pharoah Ramses II.
  26. What you smoke in Canada stays in Canada – It is not legal for people from the States to cross the border and bring some weed back. This is a criminal offence where offenders can face steep fines or even go to jail.
  27. Uruguay was the first country to fully legalize marijuana – Uruguay is the first country in the world to legalize cannabis. In 2018, Canada became the second country to legalize it.
  28. Los Angeles has more dispensaries than Starbucks – There are 187 marijuana dispensaries operating in Los Angeles, compared to just 137 Starbucks in the city!
  29. The majority of Americans support cannabis being legal – More than two-thirds of Americans are in support to legalize marijuana. Since it is illegal at both the state and federal level, activists need to find a creative way to overcome this hurdle.
  30. Modern cannabis is more potent – The potency level of cannabis increased by 60%. This is stronger than any weed enjoyed by the Hippies back in the 1960s!

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