Marijuana Treatment for Seniors

With renewed interest in the pros of medical marijuana as well as the reduction in the stigma associated with it, the benefits of marijuana for treatment for seniors are becoming much more apparent to the wider public. While there are many ways seniors can benefit from the use of marijuana, some of the most obvious benefits include a reduction of pain without physical addiction, an increase in appetite and positive change on their mood.

1. Pain Reduction

One of the most widely known benefits of medical marijuana is that it can help to reduce a significant amount of pain for a wide variety of ailments. As you age, you may begin to experience joint pain from arthritis, osteoporosis, or just normal wear and tear over the years. Certain marijuana strains are incredibly efficient at targeting joint pain as well as other common aches and pains that seniors more commonly experience.

2. No Physical Addiction

Many of the current pain medication prescriptions for seniors can have dangerous side effects and many come with a risk of physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms when use is suddenly discontinued. Marijuana provides a non-physically addictive alternative to a number of prescriptions for those experiencing the pains and complications that can come with aging.

3. It Does Not Damage Brain Cells

One of the widespread rumors associated with marijuana is that it causes damage to your brain cells which can decrease your intelligence and functioning capabilities. The studies performed have shown no brain cell degeneration, and in fact, research on Parkinson’s and Alzheimer disease has shown the encouragement of new neural pathway growth which could lead to better function and less degeneration.

4. It Can Reduce Depression

Certain strains of marijuana were created to elevate your mood and stave off depression. Depression is a common problem reported with the senior population and has been linked to declining health and other ailments. Medical marijuana can help to elevate your mood and reduce the symptoms associated with depression without the use of prescriptions that can often have severe side effects or interact badly with other medications. Not only can marijuana help elevate mood by its composition but its use tends to be communal so that it can promote interaction with others.

5. It Can Increase Depressed Appetites

When you age, your appetite may go through a sharp decline. Unfortunately, food is not only the fuel that gives you energy and can help keep you going throughout the day, but it also provides you with the nutrients you need to maintain good health. Medical marijuana use can increase a depressed appetite by making the user hungrier and making the act of eating and food itself more enjoyable. By maintaining proper nutrition, you will be getting the correct vitamins for joint, eyes, bone, skin, and organ health without having to take a lot of supplements each day.

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