Most everyone who has sampled cannabis has attempted to describe the experience – some more successfully than others. With more strains available than ever, and more opportunities to review those strains, it has become increasingly important to be able to discuss your weed as clearly and intelligently as you can. So what is the best way to review a marijuana strain?

Reviewing Marijuana Strains – A How-To For Everyone

You do not have to be a professional writer or a cannabis industry veteran to be able to review marijuana strains. With a little prep work and a basic system, anyone can give insights into the strain they are sampling – insights that can be valuable for others who want to know more about a particular strain. Whether you are having a casual conversation or diving deep into the subtleties of marijuana, you can learn to communicate more clearly and effectively about your experience.

1. Prepare to record your observations.

Weed has a way of taking you places you weren’t expecting, which of course is part of why so many people love it. But if you are going to try to form coherent observations and an informed opinion, it can help to prepare first.

Get a pen/pencil and some paper and outline the areas you are going to cover. Generally, people are interested in the following:

  • Appearance
  • Aroma
  • Taste
  • Effect

Create a section on your paper to record your observations for each of the above. You can use a rating system, like 1-5, and you can write down specifics/thoughts.

2. Describe the way it looks.

Higher quality cannabis should not be wet or dry and should be relatively dense and well-groomed. Density can vary by strain, but good buds are always somewhat dense. A properly manicured bud should have most of the sugar leaves trimmed off.

3. Describe the way it smells.

Most people consider the smell to be half the fun of trying new strains. While the smell is enjoyable, it also accounts for some of the effects, so you want a bud that has a nice potent odor. Much like wine, different people will smell different things. Just do your best to describe what it smells like to you, and how much you like or dislike the odor.

4. Talk about how it tastes.

When you first take a pull on your new strain, whatever your preferred way to smoke, try to take a long, slow draw and pay attention to how it tastes. Again, taste can vary by individual. Write down the different flavors you experience.

6. How does it feel?

Here is the point where you can start to relax and let things flow. As the sensations start to hit, write out what you are feeling. You can talk about the way your body feels, the way your mind reacts, etc. Feel free to get creative.

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