Benefits of Infused Cannabis Edibles Over Coated Or Sprayed – Canadian statistics have shown that the market of cannabis edibles will represent 20% of total sales in cannabis products.

This is equivalent to over 2 million packaged edibles for sale!

As cannabis education gets more widespread, more people are accepting the marijuana flower as a useful addition to their lifestyle.

Products such as vaping devices, CBD products, and CBD topicals are also becoming more acceptable in communities.

In this article, we will go over the differences and reasons why infused edibles are much better than edibles that have been sprayed or coated.

Let’s get right to it!

Edibles That Are Sprayed or Coated

This is by far the easiest way to make an edible product. It is also relatively cheap and fast to make as well.

To do this, you just have to spray down or coat the chosen food with cannabis oil.

An example of this can be the CBD gummies. If you look around, there are many edible options of this kind. They are just rolled over the sugar and CBD mixture.

The reason why they are so affordable is that bulk orders are made. Naturally, each cost per unit will be cheaper.

Gummies are also only bought from reputable businesses, so the product itself is very high quality and tastes great.

Some CBD companies then go on to cover these high-quality gummies with a powder of CBD mixture.

In this way, you will be tasting more of the good quality gummies, rather than potent cannabis effects.

infused edibles coating

All coated edibles do not have a long shelf life. This is because there are actually no cannabinoid materials inside the edible. It is just coated with it from the outside.

Why Infused Edibles Is The Way To Go

Infused edibles are better than sprayed or coated edibles in every single way.

Benefits of Infused Cannabis Edibles Over Coated Or Sprayed

1 – Accurate Dosage

When you infuse an edible with cannabis, the exact dosage of THC can be measured.

Even if you use all the best testing gadgets, the dosage of coated edibles will not be 100% accurate. This can certainly cause some problems for those who do not want to take more THC than needed.

2 – Get What You Pay For

When you buy edibles online, you want to get what the labels of the package say. 

However, since coated edibles are not entirely accurate, you may be getting less THC than what you paid for.

Also, you may be buying a product that has been cheaply processed with sprayed cannabis which is not even highly potent.

3 – Longer Shelf Life

This is a big benefit since not everyone can finish so many edibles at once. By being able to store them for a longer time, you can enjoy them slowly as you please.

Since infused edibles have active cannabinoid compounds, they can be protected from sunlight and hot climates.

However, this does not mean that you should still store them in air-tight containers away from sunlight (you should still do this). It just means that your cannabis edibles will still retain the THC potency you seek.

For coated edibles, they will lose their potency at a faster rate simply because there are no active cannabinoids present inside.

With an outer coating of cannabis, the effects will just not be as strong. If you do not eat them quick enough, they will just be a regular gummy bear with minimal marijuana effects.

Final Thoughts on Infused Cannabis Edibles Over Coated Or Sprayed

When choosing which edible product to buy, you should always choose from a trusted company like Online Dispensary Canada.

All our products have been tested to have the best quality available. We also package each and every product properly in our facility in BC.

When in doubt, check to see how the edible has been made. If it was made using the sprayed/coated method, you should consume these edibles and not store them for too long.

In the end, only infused edible products will give you the true cannabis experience. By reading this article, you have learned all about its differences and can make the right judgment for any future purchases you make!