If someone is into the field of Cannabis in one way or another, you might realize how tough it is to market them. With ever-growing competition and restrictions, you will have to carefully handle the matter to get the most out of it. While you still think of advertising marijuana-based products through old methods, it’s risky now and not worth the investment. Hence marijuana business owners are starting to invest in affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing is helping people earn a lot from this excessive cannabis rush. The cannabis industry is propelling with the maximum speed, and this might increase if it gets FDA approval. Hence there is a long list of affiliate programs for cannabis-related goods. Some influencers, Instagrammer, and famous people can earn handsome amounts by marketing these products. The Marijuana Affiliate Program provides good commissions along with an incredible cookie period. So if you seek the best marijuana affiliate program, this blog might help you.

What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a mode of promotion where some influencers and ambassadors promote the different products from different brands. And if anyone gets their product using the link shared by the ambassador, they will earn the amount of commission per sale. You can try out Marijuana affiliate programs if you have your website or online store. The world of Cannabis is growing each day, and hence you can use these affiliate programs to get some extra cash.

Best Marijuana Affiliate Programs

Here is the list of top marijuana affiliate programs that you should know

Buzz Delivery

One of the extensively distinguished marijuana affiliate programs is Buzz Delivery, based in San Francisco. If you ever google for the best marijuana product delivery services, it’s pretty sure that you will find Buzz Delivery at the top of the list. Their delivery services rank at the top every time you see them. People admire them for their customer support and other services. They are famous for providing fast and secure delivery services on their products. Each product is put into a lab test for safety and potency to ensure that clients receive the best.

Hence if you want to provide the best products with best-in-class services to the clients in San Francisco, it’s always tremendous to opt for Buzz Delivery. Their commissions are around $25 CPA, and you can use different promotional codes to save money.

Premium Cultivators

Regardless of how hard you try, vaping is surely getting irresistible. More and more people are trying to adapt to the use of marijuana. People love inhaling marijuana due to its relishing impacts. And when they use vaping products from brands like Premium cultivator, they are protecting themselves even from any harmful substances. This Marijuana Affiliate Program is known to provide people with the best vaporizers. The program revolves around the existing customer sharing their code and link to others.

Furthermore, the next step involves the potential customer clicking those links and using them to purchase products from the brand’s website. Then, the earlier sender of the link receives a 20% commission on the sales the referral customer has done. The payment is monthly and can benefit both parties monetarily.

Herbalize Store

If you want to get a portable vaporizer, you can get it from Herbalize Store. They are known to provide almost everything to satisfy a marijuana fan. You are likely to find everything from their affiliate program, from desktop to portable vaporizers. You can also sell items like grinders, bongs, pipes, dabbing, and almost anything they are searching for by participating in the Herbalize Store affiliate program. They currently have stores in the UK, USA, and Canada. Hence this could ensure lots of affiliate opportunities for you.

The other mesmerizing part of this affiliate program is that they plant trees for the rising percentage of the sales to contribute to the environment. Also, a new affiliate can expect $15 communion per sale. But the lucrative thing is the high conversion rate. Hence increasing traffic on their website can give you more earnings. If you direct five people to their store, there are high chances that two of them may buy their products.

Lotus Nutrients

If you are looking to grow medicinal marijuana, it’s a trial-and-hit method. You will have to try hard to keep your plants healthy. Thankfully, Lotus Nutrients has given rise to a powder for each stage that can be dissolved into water to resolve this tedious task. Each powder has 15 essential ingredients that provide your plant with everything it needs. The manufacturers of these products are medicinal marijuana growers that possess decades of experience. The affiliates that participate in this program are likely to have a commission of $98 per sale.

Amazingly this commission is for promoting their products and nothing more. Thankfully the keywords around these items have a better KD score. Hence this is one of the most suggested marijuana programs that you should try out.


The name Bloomgrove itself sounds something new and different from all other affiliate programs mentioned above. They are a supplier of marijuana products such as vaporizers, torches, and grinders. But when you look closer, you will agree that they are way more than just a shop. They also have tents, storage, and cones to offer their clients. The other most famous product they sell is infusers that can help you get butter made using herbs. Their line of products is so unusual that it is hard to find with other affiliate programs.

New affiliates get a 15% commission per sale, but extraordinary ones enjoy a 20% commission. They are also likely to customize the products according to your demand. Hence, it is good to invest money in the Bloomgrave affiliate program.

Final Thoughts

The marijuana industry has many opportunities, and it’s sure to experience more demand shortly. Hence if you as a business owner are looking to invest money in affiliate programs, it could be a good idea. It will help you get a better investment without any extra effort. Just divert customers to the site you promote and earn a commission for each sale. Make sure you choose the program from a transparent company that values its customers.

Marijuana marketing is a booming industry. Experts associate it with the herbal and recreational benefits of Marijuana-based products. Additionally, it is due to consumers’ increasing awareness of marijuana-based products. Even in a world where the fear of recession is enormous, the sector is expanding rapidly.