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This domain was first registered in 2015 and was owned by Tommy Chong, who is someone known in the cannabis scene in Canada.

It was a blog that mainly discussed all topics relating to cannabis. The site even sold cannabis products!

Merger & Acquisition

In 2022, Chong’s Choice was acquired by Online Dispensary Canada.

Online Dispensary Canada has a large selection of top-quality weed and marijuana products from British Columbia. Our online weed and marijuana products are tested for six different variables and we ensure that there are no pesticides or mould present.

The merger makes sense since both sites are talking about and selling cannabis-related products in Canada.

Here is an example of a product Chong’s Choice was selling:

chongs choice info

Similarly, you can expect to find all kinds of cannabis products from our online dispensary. These include:

Final Thoughts on Chong’s Choice

Chong’s Choice was certainly a great cannabis website for marijuana lovers to visit. With this acquisition by Online Dispensary Canada, we hope that you will enjoy the content and products on our site as well.
Currently, we do offer ounces starting at only $45! This is a limited-time offer and will not last long. So, if you reside in Canada, be sure to check this deal out!