What is the Relationship Between COVID-19 and Cannabis?

The rise of COVID-19 in 2020 has certainly affected millions of lives around the world. In Canada, the pandemic has changed our lives drastically in such a short time.

The world as we know it is filled with social distancing, lockdowns, lay-offs, and work from home.

With so many uncertainties during this hard time, people have started turning to consume more alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis. 

By doing so, they can escape from their reality for a period of time, where the stress and burden they face are no longer there.

This article will go over the recent facts of how COVID-19 has affected Canadians and how it has affected the use of cannabis in a positive or negative way.

With the virus hitting close to home for most of us, you will hopefully gain a better understanding of how these topics correlate and learn something new along the way.

How Has COVID-19 Affected Cannabis Consumption

It is not only cannabis consumption that has risen. Among these include alcohol and tobacco, where both have increased use of 6.5% and 3.3% respectively, among those 15 years and older.

Does Stress Lead To Increase in Weed Use?

With the negative external factors COVID-19 has been giving us, we can see a direct correlation in the increase of weed use.

Factors that lead to using weed more include:

1 – Isolated

alone from isolation

The feeling of isolation can drive you to go insane. We are social creatures and need to communicate with others.

The rules with lockdown and social distancing have made it hard to socialize in real life with one another. Seeing someone over Skype or a Zoom call is just not the same.

Social isolation can lead to negative effects such as depression, lack of sleep, and even a cognitive decline.

2 – Boredom

Since everyone is encouraged to stay home and avoid contact with others, the feeling of boredness will start to set in.

You can only do the same things every day before it starts to feel repetitive.

While it might seem fun to just relax and watch TV all day, this gets boring real fast.

3 – Stress

The uncertainties that COVID-19 has given every one of us has led to stress on many levels. 

It puts stress on a person’s family life, marriage, relationship with friends, personal wellness and mental health.

All of which can lead to disastrous and life-changing consequences if not proceeding with caution.

4 – A lifestyle change

The pandemic has led to many job layoffs and work from home lifestyle changes. 

Like myself, I was laid off due to a shortage of work from COVID-19 from a previous job. Thankfully, I now have the opportunity to do research and provide valuable information about cannabis for you to learn.

It is no longer safe to do group classes such as yoga or dance class, which can affect people who enjoy including this as part of their weekly routine.

business closure due to covid

Not being able to see friends and host events in large groups have also affected businesses in many industries all around the world.

All these have led to people feeling the need to relieve these feelings. By using marijuana, it does a great job in doing just that.

If you have been using weed during the pandemic, just know that thousands of Canadians are in the same boat as you.

Our Mental Health Plays A Role In Cannabis Use

Research from CPSS shows that Canadians who reported their mental health as poor have been found to smoke or ingest marijuana more than before the pandemic.

covid-19 effects on cannabis

This chart shows a clear overview of how COVID-19 has affected the use of cannabis, alcohol, and tobacco, by Canadians

Top Reasons People Use Cannabis

So why are so many people using cannabis around the world? With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, it has allowed more people to try the marijuana plant. 

The pandemic has also seen a correlation to the relationship between COVID-19 and cannabis, where external stress has prompted more people to use it.

There is no set answer to why people like to do weed. People use it for many reasons including medical use, recreational use, and spiritual use.

Here are 4 of the most common reasons why people like to use weed.

1 – Medical Use

Cannabis can be used for a variety of medical conditions. The most common ones include anxiety, pain relief, and depression.

For those who want a non-intoxicating marijuana option, you can always take CBD instead. This form of cannabis will provide all the benefits of cannabis the “high” that THC cannabis gives you.

We also did a recent study on how marijuana and depression affect one another. Check it out if you have the chance!

2 – Stress Relief

Like what we mentioned above, marijuana use is a great stress relief option. 

With all the things that are happening around the world, we could all use a needed break away from stress.

3 – Recreational Use

Most people enjoy smoking weed with friends in a social setting. The many ways you can use cannabis, such as vaping or rolling in a joint, also allows for a fun time with peers.

smoking a joint with friends

By smoking with friends, it can also strengthen the bonds of friendship. If you’re worried about the potential long term damage of smoking to the lungs, there are always healthier options such as eating edibles instead. 

However, it is important to remember that there are also other activities you can do with friends. You do not need to resort to smoking weed as the only option to hang out.

As for me, I like to include outdoor activities such as hiking and indoor activities such as playing board games with friends. In this way, there is a healthy balance between the things that friends do with one another.

4 – To Get High

A lot of people try weed for the first time solely to experience “feeling high.” With so many different kinds of weed strains to choose from, it can certainly be addicting to try them all.

For example, the Sativa strain would make you feel energized and creative, while an Indica strain will make you more relaxed and bring a calm atmosphere to your evening.

All cannabis plants will have THC compounds in it, where it has psychoactive substances. 

This is what makes you feel like you’re travelling through some kind of time warp and have an experience like never before.

COVID-19 and Cannabis

Our mental health is something that everyone should take care of. During these trying times, it is also important to look out for one another. Remember to check in on your friends and family from time to time.

While some people are able to bounce back quickly from this pandemic due to more resources, others are not as fortunate.

Cannabis use in moderation is certainly a good option to help relieve some of the stress. By buying from our Online Dispensary Canada is trusted by many, it should be the only route you take to ensure quality products with the exact dosage of weed.

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