We get a lot of questions about our black hash and most of them are in the line of what else can I do with this concentrate? Hash butter is the perfect medication for folks with high tolerances or need stronger medicine and don’t want to plow down a whole plate of brownies.

Cooking with cannabis is fun and easy with the best part being the lifted state of mind, not licking the spoon. So, lets get into it by starting off with:

— What is Hash
— How to prepare for cooking
— Making these edibles

black hash

Hash, or hashish, is marijuana concentrate made from the resin of the weed bud. The resin is either sifted off or submersed in icy water and removing the tricots with small sieves, know as _bubble hash_. The collected resin, or kief, is pressed into small cakes or blocks and ready for consumption.

Hash isn’t much different than your normal bud, but it’s much much stronger. For this recipe we will be using 1 gram of our favourite Afghan Black Hash. 1 gram of this gooey concentrate, but the testing we’ve done shows non-solvent hash can rage from 30% to over 60%. Distillate can get over 80%. This mean one gram of hash can contain anywhere from 300mg-630mg of THC. While the might not be the most THC per square, it’s not the only thing these puppies are packing. Full of terpenes and cannabinoids hash provides the heavier high brought upon when smoking bud at a much higher strength.

Preparing hash is easier than you think! Much like cannabis bud, we need to decaboxylate the product. Decaboylation is doing then saying the damn word, it basically means activating the THC by keeping it at a medium temperature for an extended period of time. You do this when making tea or a smokeless vaporizer that heats the cannabis to a specified temperature. For this recipe, we will be decarboxylating the product during the cooking process and adding some of my special sauce.

Hash infused butter (Spicy Italian)

2 oz Grass Fed Butter

1 Gram of Black Hash

1 tsp Italian Herbs ( optional )

A generous pinch of red pepper flakes ( optional )

1/2-1 clove garlic ( optional )

1. In a double boiler or makeshift double boiler turn heat to medium high, combine grass fed butter, afghan black hash, Italian herbs, red pepper flakes, and one clove of garlic.

2. As the butter melts so will the hash. Winky ingredients until combined and the hash has melted into the butter.

3. Cook for 20-30 minutes until all hash has dissolved into the butter and herbs are fragrant.

4. Remove Garlic.

Store your freshly made hash cannabutter is any air tight container. I alway use a mason jar when dealing with cannabis as it’s held the test of time. Keep in fridge and use when wanted!

DOSAGE ESTIMATE: With this recipe, 1 tablespoon of hash infused cannabutter contains anywhere from 75-150,g of THC. Please be aware and see article here for more information on cannabis edibles dosing.

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