How long does weed stay good? How long does weed last?

If you ever smoked weed before, you have probably thought about this question a few times. 

It’s a legitimate question to ask. The last thing you want is to get sick from smoking old cannabis that you have lying around.

Long story short, research has shown that weed that has been professionally harvested, dried, cured, and stored will keep its freshness for a more extended period. Dried cannabis will last 6 months to a year if properly preserved. It gradually loses both its scent and its potency over time.

How Long Does Weed Last?

If you store your weed properly, it will last forever. Although dried cannabis is usually OK, you want to keep it moist to retain its strength and flavour. Same applies with CBD oil.

After harvesting, the drying and curing process is critical for keeping the weed in prime condition. This prevents the cannabis from drying out and losing strength. It also keeps mold from growing.

After harvesting, dry the plants to remove unnecessary moisture. Hang them in a well-ventilated area.

If you pick and dry the plants manually, make sure the area is low-humidity and light-free. Using light to dry the weed reduces the plant’s quality botanical components. Unused closets, garages, or a huge cardboard box work well for drying.

However, various factors can speed up the drying process. These are a few examples:

  •  Putting your good weed in a bag.
  •  Keeping your weed in a huge container.
  • Light exposure for your cannabis flower.
  • Making use of heat on your good weed.

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Cannabis flowers, such as Indica or Sativa strains, that are not correctly stored will dry out and become unpleasant to smoke within a few days, if not weeks. If you are in a wet or rainy environment, keep your cannabis indoors. Cannabis strains are susceptible to mold growth when exposed to moisture.

Flowers and active phytochemicals begin to deteriorate minutes after harvesting. Most producers dry their flowers upside down after cutting the plant down and clipping the fan leaves.

The flower is dried for 3 to 7 days before being transported to smaller storage jars to cure.

Weed, like wine, cheese, and smoked meats, continues to dry and age while curing. During the procedure, the flower’s flavour and perfume are enhanced. An excellent treatment automatically improves flower quality.

Some flowers are placed in the cure for up to 6 months before being used to get the desired result. Cannabis buds, on the other hand, are typically dried for at least two weeks before use. The jar should be “burped” every couple of days for the first couple of weeks to ensure the herb is appropriately curing and preventing moisture buildup.

When cannabis is cured, the active ingredients begin to denature and alter their form. Cannabinol (CBN), a breakdown product of the herb’s most famous psychotropic ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol, is more prevalent in older cannabis (THC).

As a result, the overall effect of each bud may fluctuate gradually over time. It’s impossible to compare one cannabis plant to another because they’re all different. 

Is It Still Good for Me?

If you’re considering recycling an old bag of weed, keep these things in mind:

  • Mold can grow in your weed if there is too much humidity or moisture in the plant. Moldy marijuana should never be smoked.
  •  Texture: If the weed is soft and doesn’t break apart when you pull it apart, it’s usually wet and may even have mold growing on it. If it’s crumbly or too dry to handle, it’s probably past its sell-by date. Either way, it’s probably best tossed.
  •  Smell: Does your old weed have an off-putting smell? If this is the condition, it is better to be safe than sorry and discard it.

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Properly dried and cured weed will keep its strength for 6 to 12 months when stored properly. After that point, continuing to use it will have no harmful effects, but you may be disappointed by how weak its effects are.

How Do You Identify Good Weed from Bad Weed?

Now that you know how long weed stays fresh, how do you tell if your weed is fresh? Check for mold and record where you store your weed; it should not be too wet or moist. Mold thrives in each of those situations, wasting weed.

Try breaking down the flower to see if it’s fresh. If it falls to dust, it is probably too old and not very potent.

Fresh weeds also have a distinct fragrance. The fragrance is stronger, fruity, or gassy but pleasant and fresh. The container may not be able to contain the scent and freshness of top-quality cannabis.

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