How much cannabis can you really possess in Canada? In short, you can carry up to 30 grams of cannabis at any point in time in Canada. This is equivalent to about one ounce of marijuana.

Canada is a country in North America. It is made of ten provinces and three territories that expand across the Atlantic Ocean. 

Did you know? Canada is actually the second-largest country in the world!

If you are currently reading this article, you are probably residing in Canada yourself. Hence why you are looking for information on how much cannabis can you have in the country.

Not to worry, we have got you covered 😉

Like any other country, each state or province has its own laws and regulation. In this way, we can see how each province will have different laws surrounding the use of cannabis.

Without further ado, let’s go into more detail on how much cannabis can you have in Canada.

Cannabis Act of Canada

using cannabis in canada

The Cannabis Act of Canada was created to provide a steady structure to regulate the buying and selling of cannabis in the country. 

With this Act, it aims to do the following:

  • Make it harder for teens to access marijuana
  • Make it harder for criminals to sell cannabis

Depending on which province you live in Canada, you can buy and sell up to 30 grams of weed in your possession at any given time. 

Also, this is 30 grams of dried weed that we are talking about (not edibles, shatter, live resin, etc).

To provide you with the best information on the web, here is how much cannabis you can legally possess in Canada.

  • 5 grams of weed concentrate
  • 30 grams of cannabis seed/dried cannabis strain
  • 150 grams of fresh marijuana
  • 450 grams of edibles
  • 2100 grams of liquid product

It is extremely crucial for you to only buy from trusted dispensaries in Canada. This means that you will know the exact dosage and potency of each cannabis strain, making a better smoking experience for you.

You will also be happy to know that you can grow your own cannabis garden at home if you wish. However, you can only do so for personal use only. You don’t want to accidentally be labelled a weed dealer, do you?

Legally, you can grow 4 marijuana plants at home per household. If you are living with your girlfriend and she smokes cannabis as well, you can still only grow up to four cannabis plants, not eight.

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What is the penalty for growing more than 4 plants in Canada?

The penalty for growing more cannabis plants than you are allowed will depend. You can be hit with a hefty fine between $2000 to $10,000. You could even be subjected to jail time between 3 to 12 months!

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Provincial Act

If you really think about it, the Cannabis Act of Canada is pretty simple to understand. 

Then, the Provincial Act came along to make things a lot more complicated for the average cannabis user.

For one, this new Act meant that each Canadian territory now had their own laws on who can legally use cannabis.

You must be at least 19 years old to use cannabis in the following provinces: BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Yukon Territory & Northwest Territories (NWT)

Those who live in Alberta & Quebec can be 18 to use marijuana.

Now, if you live in Alberta and decided to go to Nova Scotia for vacation, it could certainly lead to confusion on whether you can legally use cannabis.

Can You Cross The Border With Cannabis

Knowing this question is extremely important if you are planning on travelling from Canada to the United States and vice versa with cannabis.

It does not matter if you have Canadian citizenship, the same rules will still apply.

Can you bring edibles on a plane in Canada 2020?

did you know cannabis facts

Interesting fact: Did you know? You can bring up to 30 grams of cannabis with you while flying on a plane. It can be stored in your carry-on bag or checked in.

However, the plane MUST be flying within Canada only. You would also need proof of purchase from a licensed weed store.

It is illegal to fly out of Canada with any form of cannabis. This includes flying with medicinal cannabis as well. Not obeying this law can result in serious consequences. 

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Using Cannabis in Canada

If you have checked all the boxes on legally being able to use cannabis, you still have to follow the rule of using it inappropriate places.

Not following this crucial step could lead to neighbours calling the cops on you for unwanted smells reaching their nostrils.

It is ideal if you have a backyard away from others that you can use for your smoking session. Always be considerate towards others as not everyone uses marijuana recreationally.

For renters, it is not illegal for you to smoke in homes that you rent. However, you must get the green light from your landlord before doing so.

Usually, smoking in a smoke-only area is a safe bet that you will not bother anyone else around you.

As for where to buy your cannabis, Online Dispensary Canada offers a large variety of weed right on this website! However, you may also look at reviews on places like CannabudPostTheChronFather, or even Pure Green Express.

Final Thoughts on Using Cannabis in Canada

All in all, you now know how much cannabis you can have in Canada. The legal age of using weed will also be based on which province you live in.

However, Canada is still one of the first countries to legalize the marijuana plant. This makes our country a great place to live in, where you will not be punished for using cannabis. Just be sure to follow the laws that Canada has set in place and you will be good to go.

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