Are you someone who smokes weed from time to time? Wonder how you can get the most intense high ever?

Getting the psychoactive high is a pastime that most cannabis users enjoy. In this article, we will go over 5 ways on how to get the greater intensity of “high.” Enjoy your smoking experience to the fullest and never look back.

 5 Proven Ways To Boost The Intensity of High

1 – Switch Up The Method

While the kind of weed type you smoke will play an important role in getting you high, the method you use to smoke it can make a huge difference as well. Try out different methods of smoking such as using a bong instead of smoking joints. Using a CBD vaporizer will also be different than simply eating some edibles.

Our recommendation to switch up the method include:

  • Bong – A strong high will be experienced when all the smoke will go straight to the lungs. It is a powerful inhale method that should be taken slowly to avoid fainting.

  • Vaporizer – This is a healthier method compared to using a bong. The process heats the cannabis to the right temperature, where the psychoactive chemicals you need to get high are not burned off

  • Pipes  – Using pipes is a timeless method that will not go away. It is a method that could trap the THC properties since it has no filtration whatsoever

  • Edibles – Eating edibles is completely different than smoking. You will not experience the by-product of smoke that can be harmful to the lungs. Having stronger potency edibles will also result in a stronger high!

2 – Switch Up The Routine

We get used to a routine pretty quickly. By smoking in a different environment with new people, it can create a new experience for an exhilarating high.

Humans are born to adapt according to the environment. For example, we can acclimatize based on the temperature and humidity around us. There is a reason why our body hair stands up when we are cold. This is due to the hair follicles contracting to give us a fluffy layer to keep us warm.

By creating a new environment for yourself, smoking weed will give you a chance to reach a body and mind high that was never experienced before.

3 – Switch Up The Weed

In the cannabis world, there are many types of weed strains and concentrates for you to choose from. This endless list of options can be daunting as you might not know which is best for you.

A number of choices could include:

  • Difference between THC and CBD levels

  • The DIfference in the quality of the weed strain

  • The potency level

These are dependent based on what kind of strains you pick. The top 3 most popular ones are Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains.

For those who seek a stronger dose to get high, we recommend Sativa strains with a higher THC level for one of the best ways to get high. These include:

4 – Eat Mangoes

A mango contains myrcene, a scent that attracts insects to pollinate a flower. This compound is also found in cannabis strains, where it will extend the THC psychoactive properties for a longer duration. In essence, more myrcene consumption will mean a better high.

While it is proven that mangoes have myrcene, it is not guaranteed that it will give you a stronger high. However, it will help provide all the healthy nutrients you need and solve the cravings for junk food. It’s a win-win scenario any way you look at it.

5 – Workout Smoke

Working out before smoking can help release the body’s endorphins to give you a good high. This endorphin will make you feel good and helps clear the mind, giving a solid base for you to smoke an enjoyable session.

You could even smoke while working out. This will allow you to stay focused and energized while pumping some iron. Always go slow to avoid losing any motor skills. Staying safe will allow you to enjoy smoking cannabis without any recovery time in between.


It can be exciting to break past the plateau and get high like never before. By storing your weed inappropriate conditions, it will ensure your cannabis remains at its peak quality for longer.

Remember to slow down and take breaks during your session. This will induce a better high for a greater experience.

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What was your favourite method on our list? Let us know by leaving a comment. We will be happy to read and reply!

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