How to Make Bubble Hash? Cannabis is now widely legal, which has dramatically increased demand. Consequently, the cannabis industry has grown exponentially, improving how it is consumed. 

The Farm Bill of 2018 makes it legal to cultivate, consume, and possess hemp and products derived from it. Previously, smoking cannabis in a joint was the more common and traditional way to consume the substance.

However, with industry progress and clientele expansion, the manufacturers have introduced newer, better forms of cannabis. One of the more recent innovations that have delighted cannabis fans is bubble hash.

One of the intriguing facts about bubble hash is that consumers can make it themselves. This article discusses everything you should know about bubble hash and everything you should know about making the substance.

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What is Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is one of the purest, most refined forms of hash. Staying true to the essence of traditional hash, bubble hash is a concentrate made of the trichomes of the cannabis plant. Moreover, the color of bubble hash varies, ranging from blonde to dark brown.

This unique solventless hash is made by separating the resin glands with ice water. Furthermore, bubble hash gets its name from its unique property that stands out, i.e., its tendency to bubble when it comes into contact with a flame.  

Additionally, manufacturers pass the resin through mesh sieves and agitate it for a more refined product. As a result of using sieves, the trichomes break off and separate from the plant, and they are small enough to pass through. 

Similarly, the end product is a concentrate that bubbles away when it comes into contact with fire without leaving behind any distillates. The quality of the bubble hash varies depending on how you perform the process. Not to mention, the materials you use also determine the quality of the final product.

Usually, the quality ranges on a scale between one and six. As such, a six-star bubble hash has the best quality. Look out for these ratings when you buy hash online.

Why Should You Make Bubble Hash

While it is an experience to make bubble hash, it also has other advantages that can motivate you to make it. Some of these include:

Potency: Generally, users perceive bubble hash as more potent than traditional hash. The effects of bubble hash are potentially more pronounced than those of kief or dry-sift. 

DIY Manufacturing: You can extract bubble hash in the convenience of your home. Additionally, it does not contain any flammable ingredients. Neither does bubble hash perform chemical reactions that release more heat than average.

Better Yield & Safe Consumption: The extraction process of bubble hash is relatively easy and uncomplicated. Therefore, there is no involvement of chemicals in the extraction process. Additionally, bubble hash has a better yield. 

Bubble hash is quickly becoming a crowd favorite because of its strong effects and the premium quality it offers customers.

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Types of Bubble Hash

Depending on the material you use in its manufacture, the quality of bubble hash is different. A few types of bubble hash are as follows:

Trim Processed Bud

Trim-processed buds produce bubble hash of the lowest quality. Not to mention, these utilize the leftover flowers, buds, stems, and leaves after harvest. Regardless, the product remains high in potency.

Bud Processed

The highest quantity of the resin glands, or the plant’s trichomes, is present in the flower bud, making them perfect for extracting bubble hash. On the other hand, the concentration of trichomes and the quality of the flower buds influence the end product. 

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Micron Screen Hands

You can use a micron screen to refine the product and draw a pure bubble hash. For best results, be mindful of the micron screen size to eliminate the chances of wasting trichomes in the case of a bigger size. However, a larger micron screen allows more of the unnecessary parts of the plant to pass, compromising product quality.

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How Is Bubble Hash Different

Bubble hash is a stronger, more potent variation of the traditional hash. This product is also simple and easy to make in the comfort of your own home. Traditionally, you can make hash by rubbing off the trichomes. Meanwhile, as the cannabis industry thrives, new techniques like dry sifting are a better alternative.

While on the one hand, THC users can enjoy a 50 percent concentration of the psychoactive cannabinoid by consuming traditional hash. On the other hand, this percentage can increase to 60 percent for bubble hash users.

Not to mention, traditional and bubble hash also differ in preparation methods. Even though both types of hash are made from the trichomes of the cannabis plant, consumers can obtain traditional hash using mechanical techniques like compression and separation.

Meanwhile, bubble hash requires ice-cold water, micron screens, and bubble bags for separation. Bubble hash is also different from kief, which is the crystalline powder left as the residue in a grinder. However, this brown powder is the predecessor of bubble hash.

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How to Make Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is a sticky, brown product that is very potent. The extraction process requires bubble bags, or a series of screens, and ice-cold water. You can make the product at home using this step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Separating Trichomes

Initially, you should take a vinyl bubble bag containing sieves to separate the trichomes from the rest of the plant. Combine the cannabis flower with ice water in the bubble bag. Similarly, the ice-cold water freezes the potent resins. Furthermore, when you agitate and shake the bag, these resins break off the cannabis plant and travel through the sieves.

Step 2: Filtration

After shaking the bag, remove the remains of the plant and the ice from the bubble bag. Also, take out the darker brown residue from the second screen. This is a darker color because of the higher quantity of plant material mixed with the trichomes.

Upturn the second bag into another bubble bag with smaller micron screens. Continue this process with a series of bags, allowing trichomes to refine themselves.

Step 2: Refining and Drying the Product

Place the finest micron sheet in the last bubble bag to obtain a concentrated distillate and allow the trichomes to pass through its finer mesh sieves. In the end, you will be left with the purest form of the product. Finally, you can dry the hash by pressing it under a cotton muslin cloth or micron screen.

Final Thoughts

If you are a cannabis enthusiast who wants to enjoy a more potent and stronger version of traditional hash, bubble hash is a perfect choice. Moreover, it is the purest distillate, free of chemicals.

Before you experience its unique melting quality by lighting it, you can also enjoy its extraction process from scratch. For best results, you should use various micron screens.