How to roll a joint? How to make a joint? How to roll a joint without a filter? The easiest way to roll a joint? These are some of the commonly asked questions that you might have. 

You cannot call yourself a well-versed cannabis user if you do not know how to roll a joint. 

Once you know how to roll a perfect joint, you can say goodbye to expensive methods such as glass pipes. The fragility of glass also makes it difficult to travel with, making a weed joint the ideal option of smoking marijuana for a lot of people.

How Much Marijuana Is in a Joint? 

The answer to this question might surprise some people. It is actually less marijuana than you think!

According to a study, researchers estimate that a joint only contains an average of 0.32 grams (0.01 ounces) of marijuana. This number is much lower than what people previously estimated it had.

This is an important finding as it will help learn more about drug trafficking and how much marijuana is being sold illegally around the world.

Can I Roll Joints With ANY Paper?

You won’t always have the proper supplies on hand to roll a joint whenever and wherever you want. 

Some people might choose to do a homemade option such as making your own bong or using another kind of rolling paper.

However, the option to use just any paper to roll joints is also out of the question (it will just make the weed joint taste bad). 

Our advice is to wait until you can get your hands on actual rolling paper before you start rolling. While this might hinder your enjoyment for the moment, you will thank us later that it was well worth the wait.

How To Roll A Joint For Beginners

rolling a joint

While there are a few ways you can use to roll a joint, this section will show you the easiest way to roll a joint, with or without a filter. 

Before you start, here are the necessary items you need.

  • ½ of marijuana
  • Multiple rolls of rolling paper
  • Hard cardboard to use for the filter
  • A crutch for the joint filter
  • 2 piece grinder to grind the flower buds
  • A pen to shape the joint

Step 1 – Breaking down the marijuana with a grinder

The first step is to start prepping the cannabis to use in a weed joint. To do this, you need to break down the marijuana by grinding it. 

With your favourite marijuana on hand, use the 2 piece grinder or scissors to grind down the marijuana flower buds to your liking. 

While you can use any kind of equipment for grinding, a herb grinder will certainly make the process much easier.  A grinder will also help marijuana not get sticky and make it easier to roll in a joint.

Since everyone has a favourite smoking method, be sure to experiment with the grinding methods to see what kind of marijuana size you like best.

Step 2 – Make it with a crutch or filter

Using a joint crutch will make it easier to smoke a joint. A joint crutch, also known as a joint filter, can be made with any thin or thick cardboard paper. 

Some joint papers will have crutch materials included for you to do this step easily.

Attached is an image to show you how simple this can be done.

First, fold the front half 2-3 times by a few millimetres. You can then finish by rolling it in the same direction.

By doing so, the residue of cannabis will not be able to reach your mouth through the filter hole.

Step 3 – Fill it with cannabis

Now, it is time to fill the joint with the cannabis you grinded in step 1.

Start by filling the rolling paper with the grinded cannabis and joint crutch. The average amount of marijuana to put is usually between 0.5 to 1 gram. If you have a small scale handy, it would be the perfect time to use it!

You also want to place more weed near the end of the rolling paper, and less weed closer to the filter tip. 

After this, hold the rolling paper in one hand. On the other hand, you can use your fingers to even out the cannabis and shape it according to your liking.

Step 4 – Packing the joint

Once you have filled the joint with cannabis, it is time to start packing the joint. You can do it by pinching the rolling paper with your fingertips. Then start rolling the paperback and forth to move around the grinded marijuana until the joint shape is formed.

Note: There are also rolling papers with flavours that you can try. For those who prefer a thin but strong paper, hemp paper will be the way to go. Since they will be able to burn evenly, it will not affect the flavour of your joint at all.

Step 5 – Rolling it up

This is the step that most people will take more time with. If you do not get it right the first time, do not be discouraged and try again.

With your free hand, tuck the unglued side of the rolling paper into the roll itself.

Use some water or your tongue to wet the glued paper edge to hold the rolling paper in place.

If you are using the joint crutch or filter, make sure to roll this end into place first.

You can then tuck and seal the joint until it is all done. 

Step 6 – Wrapping it up

This is a crucial step if you want to ensure an even burning to your joint session.

Using a pen is easy since this can be found almost anywhere. Use it to pack down the cannabis from the top.

You can also pinch the top of the rolling paper flick it back and forth until all the cannabis is packed down evenly.

Step 7 – Enjoy!

enjoy the joint

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of the process. 

Sit back and relax the joint that you have just rolled. You deserve it.

If you just prefer to smoke a joint that has been pre-made, the pre-rolled moonrock joints will be the perfect option for you!

How To Roll A Cross Joint

The cross joint was first made popular from the Pineapple Express movie, starring Seth Rogen. 

With this type of joint, you need 2 rolling paper joints. One that is thicker and longer, and one that is shorter and about the same thickness as a joint crutch.

After rolling the longer joint, you have to use a needle to poke a hole two-thirds from the top of the crutch. 

Expand the needle hole just big enough that you can slide the shorter joint into the hole on both ends. 

Finally, secure both ends with some sticky tape from the rolling papers to lock the cross parts and prevent it from falling out of place.

How To Roll A Spliff Joint

A spliff joint, also known as a marijuana cigarette, is basically just a regular joint with some tobacco added to the mix. 

While tobacco cigarettes are usually bought pre-rolled, a spliff is hand-rolled by a person. Save

A difference you may notice is the way the tobacco and weed are packed down in the joint, where you might feel a small difference.

This is because weed tends to have a small “spring’ in them and may push back a little more than tobacco would if you press on it. 

The dry nature of tobacco makes it less spongy.

How To Roll A Pinner Joint

A pinner joint got its name from how slim the joint is, similar to a pin. They are the perfect option for those who do not want to smoke a lot of weed at one time.

Pinner joints are easy to know as long as you know the basics of rolling a weed joint. 

The main difference between rolling a regular joint and a pinner joint is the pressure in which you need to use while rolling it. 

Since this form of a joint makes it so slim, you need to push down harder on the rolling paper in order to pack the weed better. 

A failure to do so might result in one side being thicker than the other, resulting in an uneven burn of the joint.

While smoking less weed can be done using a vaporizer, smoking a joint will give you a high that a vape pen will not give you. 

This is why pinner joints remain one of the more popular ways of smoking on a budget.

How To Roll a Dollar Bill Joint

dollar bill joint

Using a dollar bill to roll a joint is one of the best beginner’s methods. You really only need the dollar bill, some grounded weed, and rolling paper.

If you are from Canada, you can use a $5 bill instead. 

First, you place the grounded marijuana in the middle of a dollar bill that was folded in half, making sure it is evenly spread out.  

Fold the bill in half again to keep the grounded cannabis at the crease of the bill.

Now, you can use your thumb to work the marijuana towards the bottom of the bill to where the crease is at. This can be achieved by doing a rolling motion. You want to do this until the end of the bill is just barely covering the marijuana concentrate.

After licking the end of a rolling paper, place the rolling paper with the adhesive opening facing towards you. 

Roll the bill back up again while being careful it is not too tight (this will prevent it from being smokeable). 

Finish rolling it up and that’s basically it!

How To Roll An L Shaped Joint

An L Shaped joint is created by sticking two rolling papers together. It got its names from the paper that rolls them up, being shaped like an L.

In an L-shaped joint, they can fit more cannabis concentrate in the paper, making it appeal to a larger audience (everybody loves more weed right?)

The way to make this form of the joint is to first take two papers and cut one in a diagonal half. Then, stick this half vertically onto the other paper to create the shape of an L. 

Due to its shape, rolling up the L Shaped joint is a delicate process. Be sure to take your time and do it gently to avoid breaking the paper.

How To Roll An Inside-Out Joint

Inside out joints, also known as Dutch-style joints or backrolls, have a similar size compared to regular joints. The main difference being the way it is rolled. 

Inside-out joints got its name since the process is done by rolling the sticky part of the rolling paper on the wrong side. 

By keeping the sticky part of the paper on the outside, you will then fill the paper up with grinded cannabis and roll it up. You only stop once the paper touches the sticky part side again.

Finish it by licking the sticky part of the rolling paper and joining it all together. 

How To Roll A Tulip Joint

The tulip joint should only be done by people who have that extra cash to burn. It is called a tulip joint simply because it resembles the shape of a tulip flower.

This is because it is not a practical way to smoke a joint, where you will end up wasting a lot of weed.

Sure, you will get an amazing high from how much weed you will be smoking. However, the expensive nature of it might even turn you off from trying it in the first place.

To make this type of joint, you will need a cone paper with the grinded marijuana concentrate. Do not close the ends off during this step.

Next, form a triangle by licking a king size paper and sticking it to the unglued end of a second paper.

You can then pull the edge of the paper glued end and create a square crease shape by folding it down.

With the side of the glue strip, stick it to the backside of the opposite edge. This is what will form that base of the tulip joint. 

Press the pre-shape cone cannabis to the bottom of the cone once it is filled up.

After this, slowly pull the loose edge of the paper to pack it into the palm of your hand.

Finally, use the glue strip to combine the flower base to the cannabis stem. The loose tail portion of the rolling paper is then folded upwards to make the bottom flower petal.

That’s it!

Other Popular Ways To Roll A Joint


As you just saw, there are just so many ways you can roll up a joint. The key to success here is just to be creative and experiment with different methods. 

Who knows, maybe you can design your own joint! In time, you will know the best way to roll a joint to your liking.  

Some people prefer rolling a big joint, while others might enjoy a smaller one. It is all based on personal preference. 


If you are looking to buy some pre-rolled joints, our online dispensary has popular options such as Pre-Rolled OG Kush Strains and Pre-Rolled Girl Scout Cookies that you can try!

So what is YOUR favourite way of rolling a joint? Which method have you found the most enjoyable? Feel free to share your thoughts below with us!