What Are Moon Rocks? How to make Moon Rocks? How to smoke Moon Rocks? Where do you get some? These are just some of the questions that come to my mind when I wanted to learn more information on the topic of moonrocks. 

In this in-depth guide on moon rock weed, you will gain all the knowledge you seek and more. Without further ado, let’s begin!

What is a Moon Rock?

Moon rocks are made out of manicured buds from the marijuana plant. This part of the flower is called “nugs,” where they are the highest quality part of the plant that is smokeable. 

The nugs are then rolled together with kief, a resinous trichome of cannabis, commonly found in a container from the accumulation of sieving.  

How Strong Is Moon Rocks Weed?

moonrock potency

A moonrock strain or moonrock joint has a high concentration of THC, with an average of 50% THC levels.

Because of this, a moon rock is often called the caviar of cannabis

If you are looking for a way to smoke cannabis with the highest potency, moon rock weeds are definitely the way to go. 

The strong potency of moonrocks will make you fly to Mars and beyond, giving you a pleasant high experience like never before.

Cannabis Caviar VS Moon Rocks

Cannabis caviar and moon rocks are often interchangeable with one another. 

Moon rocks are usually soaked in a high weed concentrate and covered in kief. With caviar, the kief may or may not be present.

However, the main difference is that if the caviar is not coated in kief, it will not be considered a true cannabis moon rock.

How To Smoke Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are one of the most potent cannabis that you can smoke. Be mindful of how much you take in one sitting because the THC levels are extremely high.

These are some of the ways to effectively smoke moonrocks:

1 – Start slow in low amounts

While the majority of marijuana flowers have about 20% THC, a moon rock will have a 50% THC level.

Taking too many moonrocks in one sitting may result in side effects such as an increase in heart rate and paranoia. This is known as greening out.

“Green out” symptoms are not usually fatal on their own. However, those with cardiovascular illness are more likely to get heart failure.

A good way to help this situation would be to consume some CBD products to counteract the psychoactive effects of THC. 

For the average consumer like you and me, taking too much moonrock will not actually kill us. Even so, getting too high is never a fun thing to do.

2 – Smoke in a good environment

High THC cannabis products such as moonrocks will make you experience an intense high. You will end up feeling numbed and relaxed at the same time.

By smoking it in a comfortable environment, it ensures that you can safely lay down if you feel the need to do so.

3 – Have food and keep water on hand

If you consume cannabis products with THC properties, doing so on an empty stomach will increase the intensity of psychoactive effects. 

By getting some food in, the powerful moonrock effects will be reduced. It will also help you reduce any experience of nausea.

Keep in mind that you will also experience dry mouth after using moonrocks. 

After getting some moonrock into your body, it will make it very hard for you to move around. With water right by your side, you can easily quench your thirst and make the experience more enjoyable.

4 – Do not use a grinder

The thick and greasy texture of moonrocks is almost guaranteed to ruin your grinder. This is because the sticky texture will just stick to the blades and make it hard to turn.

Our recommended tools to use is by simply breaking the tough moonrock buds with your hands prior to smoking. Using scissors to cut them into smaller chunks is also a good option.

5 – Use glassware

canabis bong

Using glassware such as a glass pipe or a bong is the ideal way to smoke moonrocks. 

The reason is that rolling a moonrock is not practical in any shape or form. First, rolling this form of cannabis requires you to have a lot of it. Moonrock is not the cheapest, making this not a viable option (unless you can afford many grams of it)

Compared to a normal blunt, moon rocks are also hard to stay lit for a long period of time. Not only that, using glassware keeps mess to a minimum.

6 – Mix with regular cannabis 

Due to the greasy texture of moonrock, keeping the fire to stay lit is not easy to do. 

By mixing the moonrock with some regular marijuana flower, you will find the flame staying lit a much easier task.

7 – Do not multitask

If you are someone who likes to multitask while you are high, doing so while smoking a moonrock is not a good idea.

This is because there is a high chance that you might just pass out right after. 

How Long For Moon Rocks Effects To Kick In?

After using a moonrock, you will start to feel an immediate sensation in the form of a slow burn. The full effects will appear in about 30 minutes.

The tolerance to THC levels will also contribute to how long the moon rock effect will stay in your body. 

For someone who has a lower THC tolerance or is new to the moonrock strain, it can even linger in the body for a full 24 hours.

How To Make Moon Rocks

If you are thinking about making some moon rocks at home, you might be surprised that the process is not all that complicated.

To get started, these are what you need:

  1. Strains of weed or nug of flower that you like the most ( the stronger THC, the better )
  2. Cannabis oil or concentrate that you like the best
  3. Kief found at the bottom of your grinder or kief bought at an online dispensary
  4. Liquid dropper that is used to moisten the marijuana flower
  5. Tongs or tweezers to help separate the sticky texture from the grinder

Once you have all these ingredients, here are the 5 steps that you need to follow on making the best homemade moonrocks.

Step 1 

Prepare the kief by using a grinder and then set it down in a bowl. The trichomes and terpenes left at the bottom of the container is highly potent. 

Step 2

Apply the extract to the entire nug. You may use the dropper to splash the marijuana flower with concentrate if the extract is liquid. 

Be careful not to soak the flower too much. By using the dropper and letting the flower air dry, it will be easier to light the flower to smoke.

Step 3

Apply kief into the marijuana flower by rolling it on. You can use the tongs or tweezers to make the process of coating the nug in kief all around.

Step 4

Give time for the nug covered in weed concentrate to dry in an area that is cool and away from any sunlight.

Step 5

Once this is done, you can start to enjoy the moonrock and experience a high that will make you fly to Mars.

Benefits of Using Moon Rocks

benefits of moonrock

Smoking cannabis in general has many medicinal benefits. The main pros of using moonrocks are:

  1. You will experience an extreme high as you have never experienced before
  2. It is ideal for those who require a high dosage of THC for medicinal or recreational use
  3. Great money saver since sprinkling a little moonrock to a flower will affect you in a big way
  4. The unique sparkly and rock-like appearance of moonrock makes it a good conversation starter for those who have it
  5. Moonrocks are a novelty item due to people’s curiosity on how strong it actually is

While there are benefits to using moon rocks, the drawbacks are as follow:

  1. Getting really high is not recommended for everyone. The side effects of getting too much THC can make one feel really bad
  2. Using moon rocks can get messy. Just remember to use it with glassware such as a glass pipe or a bong. Do NOT use a grinder.
  3. It will start to melt if they are in contact with the sun. Keep them in a cool and dry place to maximize its shelf life.

Where To Buy Moon Rocks Canada

Moonrock is a supreme cannabis product that has garnered attention in a short period of time. With its high potency, many people are curious about moonrocks and what it can do to them.

For those looking to try a moon rock, it is still wise to take it slowly even if you have a high tolerance of THC. 

Are you looking to buy some moon rock Canada? At Online Dispensary Canada, we sell Pre-Rolled Moonrock Joints with an AAAA bud grade. Made with a premium bud slathered in tasty honey oil and rolled in kief, it is the ultimate combo to kickstart your day off with an elevated high. 

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