If you are new to vaping, you might have several questions. What are vape juices? How can they help? How to buy vape juice? What are the best vape brands? This article will resolve all of these questions and prepare you for having a better vaping experience.

First, we will start with what vape juices are and then move on to the 5 best eliquids 2022 that sell premium-quality vape juices.

What are E-liquids or vape juices?

Vaping devices typically work by heating and converting a type of liquid to aerosols. These liquids are what we refer to as vape juices. Vape juices generally contain nicotine, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerine. E-liquids may or may not contain nicotine. If they do, they come in a wide range of strengths. Generally, people with smoking experience go for high-strength vape juices and then reduce the dosage to help them quit.

Why do people vape?

We all are aware that smoking can have adverse effects on one’s health. From a cough to cancer of the lungs, there are several health issues associated with tobacco smoking. That calls for a healthier alternative that could quench the nicotine needs of the individual.

Vape juices serve the purpose well without causing severe harm to the user. As Vaping does not involve tobacco combustion, there is no release of harmful chemicals while vaping.

Also, researchers are studying if vapes could help people in other ways. For instance, there are nicotine-free vape juices available in the vape market. So now, people can enjoy the process without worrying about nicotine’s side effects.

Nowadays, vape juices infused with compounds like CBD are also available. It means that they are not just for recreation but also for medicinal purposes.

Researchers are still studying whether vape juices can have certain health benefits that users claim. According to anecdotal evidence, the health benefits of vaping include:

  • Regulation of blood pressure and sugar levels
  • Increase in lung capacity
  • Relief from bodily pain and muscle tension
  • Relief from mental distress and anxiety

Though science doesn’t back these, some users support these. The responsibility of buying and using vape juices falls entirely on the user’s shoulders.

Top brands that sell premium quality vape liquids

Are you looking for brands to buy vape juices? More than reputation, certain factors make a brand stand out among others. With that, here are the top five brands selling high-quality vape juices.

Charlie’s chalk dust – Pachamama

The experts in the market refer to the brand as the goddess of fertility. If you are a tropical flavor lover, the natural taste of the brand’s E-liquids will be ideal for you.

The exotic blends that the brand makes are the favorites of many vapers around the globe. Some of the best-selling flavors of the brand include guava, honeydew, mango, and apple.

The vape juices are available in bottles of 60 ml each. Available under “Pachamama salts,” the flavors are exquisite and refreshing. But, most of their vape juices contain nicotine. If you want nicotine-free vape juices, it is better to go for other brands. Otherwise, vape juices of different strengths and flavors are available with Pachamama.

Naked 100

As the name suggests, the fresh flavors of the brand hit right at the spot. The fruity vape juices are refreshing and improve the mood of the user.

Some of their classic blends, like the lava flow, are a perfect mixture of strawberry, coconut, and pineapple. The freshness of the strawberry and the sweetness of the pineapple go well with each other.

Not just that, they have other exquisite flavors like menthol and tobacco. They generally come in 60 ml containers with about seventy percent vegetable glycerin.


With the reputation of being the major membership club for vapers, Zample box vape juices are making their way to the top. With Zamplebox, you can get flavors according to your taste palate from more than 300 brands in and around the US.

The community has more than 200 thousand vapers that use and cherish the exquisite flavors of the brand. Some of the best-selling flavors include fruit, dessert, tobacco, and tropical flavors. There are donut and cookie flavors as well.

No matter what sort of vapor you are, there is something for everyone. The vape juices are available in packs of bottles containing different quantities. The user gets the option to choose from the lot.

Glas Basix

One of the qualities that people love about the brand is its affordable price with no compensation for quality.

The most favorite flavors include strawberry, melon, menthol, and tobacco. Also, the different dessert flavors are a treat to people who love vaping after a meal.

In Glas Basix, Vape juices generally come in 100 ml containers. The nicotine strengths vary, and users can choose based on their requirements.


If you have a thing for signature flavors, Vapetasia could be your ideal option. Their most loved sort is a custardy blend. If you want to experience the taste of custard with the harshness of nicotine, their Killer Kustard can be perfect.

Other flavors of Vapetasia that users love include cereal and beverage blends.

Now that you know the different brands that sell premium-quality vape juices, you must understand what makes a premium vape juice different from the regular.

Premium and regular. What is the difference?

So typically, premium vape juices cost more and are better in quality than regular vape juices. While it involves several FDA rules, there are a few other differences.

Regular vape juices are inconsistent in taste and quality. Also, the usual vape juices can contain contaminants and have health impacts with usage.

The flavors available with premium vape juices are exquisite, and not all brands have or sell them. The manufacturing and testing processes that premium vape juices undergo are different from those of the other vape juices. Most of these brands put their vape juices through third-party lab tests.

The bottom line

The intensity of the effects of vape juices depends on the nicotine levels. The responsibility of buying and consuming any vape juice falls entirely on the individual’s shoulder.

It is advisable to buy from a reputable vendor and check with a health expert to ensure safe consumption.