Gambling is an activity that lures people of all ages to the table. When done irresponsibly, it could certainly lead to life-changing consequences such as financial disaster and loss of relationships. 

By adding weed into the mix, you will be walking on a thin line with the risk you take. Being high on weed will influence the way we think, the way we gamble, our risk tolerance, and much more. In this article, you will learn all about the advantages and disadvantages of smoking weed before gambling.

7 Pros to Gambling While High 

  1. Indica Strains will help calm the user physically. Gambling has a way of making you get tenser and get the heart racing. By using Indica strains, a body high experience will help loosen up the body and mind. This can only help you make level-headed decisions when betting on the table.
  2. By having a more relaxed mindset from Cannabis Indica strains, it can lead to more conservative gambling. This will help you retain chips for longer by not losing the entire stack to a loose ‘all in.”
  3. Sativa Strains will give users instant uplifting energy. The “mind high” effect will allow you to be more social and creative. In a game of poker, being good with words can help trick the opponent into thinking you have a better hand than what you actually have. 
  4. By having an active mind from taking Sativa, it will improve your focus and make your game less sloppy. This may even help you mentally by being able to count cards and win more hands.
  5. Consuming cannabis instead of alcohol can help increase the chances of winning. Being sober means that you won’t spend more money on gambling from erratic behaviour. 
  6. Cannabis will not hinder your judgement in taking a calculated risk on the tables. This increases your chances of winning as every game has a level of luck involved.
  7. Taking a hybrid strain will offer a mix of Indica and Sativa concentrate. The perfect mix varies based on an individual’s tolerance. By releasing some social anxiety, it can help you perform better in games while also allowing you to have more fun. 

4 Cons to Gambling While High 

  1. Taking the wrong strain can have a negative impact. It is important to know how your body reacts to certain strains as every very individual is different. A tip is to try the strain before gambling to see if it will give you the intended effect you seek on the table.
  2. Having red, bloodshot eyes is a common side effect of taking weed. Having to wear sunglasses to cover up your eyes could be a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at the situation. 
  3. Overdoing the dosage for your body type. By taking too much cannabis, it could lead to side effects such as anxiety and paranoia. This could result in losing a lot of money by distracting gambling.
  4. Mixing drinking with taking weed. This is a dangerous combination to partake in as it will certainly hinder your judgement. It will be a sad morning when you realize how much you lost the night before. 

Wisdom from Someone Who Has Been There Done That

experience of someone who has done weed while gambling

“I blow a blunt before I do anything and I must say In my experiences it’s like being in a trance. You get stuck on the machines and obsessed with winning. The thrill of it all on top of the ambience of the casino almost makes it seem as if you are in a trance. The lights, the noises, hearing what other people have won on the loudspeaker. It’s very fun actually. In my experience though, it gets too fun and I find myself spending and losing more money than anticipated and that’s when the obsessing with winning comes in, trying really hard to get back what I blew. Idk tho I’m also a really heavy smoker so I wouldn’t say I get too stoned anymore.”


If you’re someone who enjoys gambling and smoking/eating edibles, you will most certainly enjoy doing both simultaneously. For those who have done it, they describe the experience as having more fun than not. 

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