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Temple ball hashish, also known as Nepalese temple ball or charas, is a highly potent form of hashish that is traditionally handmade in the temples of Nepal and India.

To make this unique product, the trichomes (resin glands) are manually separated from the cannabis plant using a technique known as “finger hash making.”

This results in a smooth and pliable ball of hashish that is known for its unique flavor and high potency.

The history of temple ball hashish dates back centuries in the Himalayan region of Nepal and India, where it has been used for religious and medicinal purposes.

Making finger hash is a long-standing custom that has been passed down down the years at the temples, where it was utilised in religious rituals and as a way to display one’s spirituality. The trichomes of the cannabis plant cling to the hands as they are rubbed together, forming a sticky resin that is then gathered and compressed into a ball.

Due to the fact that it is produced using conventional techniques without the use of chemicals or solvents, temple ball hashish is regarded as a pure variety of the drug. Its potency is a result of the high levels of THC and other psychotropic substances in it.

When smoked or vaporised, this rare and highly sought-after chemical often produces a potent high.

As outdated techniques for creating hash are being replaced by more advanced ones, it is becoming more and more uncommon.

Temple ball hashish is a classic and extremely potent type of hashish created by hand in temples in India and Nepal utilising traditional methods for creating finger hash. Due to its special qualities and conventional production processes, it is a highly sought-after commodity.

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