So, you enjoy using pre-filled vape cartridges Canada product to vape. But do you know what are the contents inside which you are vaping? aka Vape Cartridges Content: What Is Inside?

Knowing such things is important as it will help determine if the vape cartridge is safe to use. With so many benefits of vaping cannabis, this question will naturally come up.

This is why we have written this article on Vape Cartridges Content: What Is Inside? By having more knowledge of the exact contents that you smoke, it will give you a better vaping experience.

Low VS High-Quality Vapes

The cheapest THC vape pen cartridges do not mean it is the best. Usually, you get what you pay for. So don’t expect the best quality vapes if you paid a cheap price for them.

The higher quality ones will be made out of better materials like ceramic, glass, or metal. Cheaper cartridges are usually just made of plastic, which can be a problem if terpenes penetrate through the component.


O-rings will break and leak easier if it is low quality. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Cartridges Joints

When vape cartridges are well made, it will help in preventing any air to go through the joints, which may come into contact with what is inside (vape juice).

What is Found in Vapes

Not every vape cartridge is the same. Each one will differ based on the brand and model of the vaping accessory.


The above shows our popular Goo Goodness Oil Cartridge – Root Beer 0.6g.

Here are some of the more common components that will be inside vapes.


The cannabis extract is what makes the vape flavorful. Without this, you will simply be vaping regular juice without THC inside.

Better quality cartridges will have distillate and hydrocarbon extracts. Low-quality ones may use fake flavoring and low potency cannabis.

Cannabis-derived Terpenes

You need terpenes found in cannabis to be in your vape. Without it, you will be unable to enjoy the full-spectrum experience.

Steam-distilled Terpenes

For those who do not want to have cannabis terpenes, you can also choose to use steam-distilled terpenes. 

This option will give you a softer taste as it has been diluted in water, reducing its flavour.

Artificial Flavors

Artificial flavours can be found in many things such as most sweets and desserts. It can appeal to a younger audience as they are not vaping any cannabis.

However, there has been an argument that it is not the healthiest way to vape.

Coconut Oil

The presence of coconut oil can help thin out most atomizers. It is usually used to be a form of a cutting agent or even an addictive for cartridges. 

Potential Contaminants in Vape Cartridges

There is always a risk for contamination in vape cartridges. This is because pesticides can appear from the production of vapes.

Be careful when buying cheap vaping materials as inhaling these pesticides can cause long-term health issues. 

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Final Thoughts on Vape Cartridges Content: What Is Inside?

If you are not familiar with vape cartridges, always go to a trusted dispensary to buy your products. 

Never buy it from someone you don’t know off the streets. You don’t know what they may have placed inside it.

If you buy from our Online Dispensary Canada shop, you will be getting exactly what you see on the product pages. Your cartridges will also come with labels on what is inside, giving you peace of mind on what you are vaping.

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