The introduction of vaporizer pens changed the market of cannabis forever. Now, that is a bold claim to make, if I do say so myself.

 Vaping has been around since the 1920s. However, it was only about 20 years ago when more people became interested in using vape pen devices.  

It started where people were vaping nicotine. It eventually led to cannabis strains being vaped.

 The best reason why vaping is better than smoking weed is due to no smoke entering your lungs. It still gives you the same instant effects of being high by simply heating the cartridges you are inhaling the flavours from.

Furthermore, Canada has legalized cannabis in 2018. This made more Canadian residents try this amazing vape pen device.

So, in this way, we can see how vaporizer pens have indeed changed the cannabis world for good. You no longer have to resort to smoking marijuana. Vaping them is now a great option! 

Vaping Cannabis

When you use a THC vape pen to vape, no harmful smoke is produced. This in itself makes for an attractive alternative to smoking cannabis.

In this pandemic, we have also seen a surge in vape sales.  

You would assume that more people buying vaping devices will shrink the smoking cannabis market. 

 In fact, more people are just seeing vaping and cannabis as two things that complement each other very well.

It is also a device that can be used in recreational settings. 

How Does Vaping Work?

The process of vaping nicotine and THC/CBD oil works in the same way. As for vaping THC, you will experience the high effects associated with marijuana.

If you use CBD oil, you still gain the medicinal advantages of cannabis without feeling euphoria. 

One of the main differences is that you are simply heating the cannabis when vaping. This, in turn, will release its sweet flavour and aroma 

In smoking, you will burn the cannabis strains like a regular cigarette. 

Also, it is good to know that vaping cannabis happens at a lower heating temperature when compared to vaping nicotine. 

Vape Heat

There are two main ways of heating in vape devices.

The first one is conductive heating. In this method, the internal hot plate will heat the cannabis strain, or THC oil, to its ideal temperature. 

Once the cannabis flower is heated evenly, the terpenes will turn into vapour.

The second mechanism is convective heating. The cannabis strain, or THC oil, will never touch the heat in the vape device. Rather, it has a system similar to a fan, which will move air that has been heated to the ideal temperature. 

When this happens, the terpenes will change into a vapour. More people prefer this second method as it just reduces the risk of burning cannabis too much.

What Vape Pen To Choose

The expanding market of cannabis vape pens has given us countless options of products to choose from.

At Online Dispensary Canada, we offer our classic Goo Goodness Oil Glass Pen which can be used for our many vape cartridges flavours. 

Trust us when we say that you will never be bored of our products. We have over 10 vape flavours for you to choose from and mix & match from. 

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The Cannabis Market

The cannabis market has not slowed down since the introduction of vapes has taken place. It has grown into a much bigger space where more people are using cannabis.

Some people may have been hesitant with utilizing marijuana, but vaping has given them a method to try it without inhaling the harmful smoke of smoking.

While the smoking weed market may have been reduced a little due to more people vaping, the demand for consuming cannabis is stronger than ever.

Final Thoughts on Vaporizer Pens & How It Changed The Cannabis Market

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