What is a sploof? How To reduce weed smell with a sploof? 

Unless you are a single guy that lives the bachelor lifestyle, it is highly likely that you are currently living with someone else.

Whether they are family members or roommates, you can bet that they do not want to smell what you are smoking.

This is where a sploof comes in, where it will keep your smoking habits on the down-low.

In the article that you are about to read, we will go over the ultimate guide to make a sploof, and how you can do it using a cheap and easy method.

What is A Sploof 

A sploof is basically a cylindrical object that can help reduce the smoke particles that go through it. It is done by using a type of filter material to weed out the smell.

There are many kinds of sploof in the market nowadays. You can buy it at a local smoke shop or even online.

Doing a DIY solution to make your own sploof is also an option, where we will discuss later on in the article.

Does a Sploof Work?

With sploof getting more attention from cannabis users, we can see how it works to do its intended purposes.

When you exhale through a sploof, the smoke that you do not want others to smell will be blocked. This is because it will pass through your chosen filter material, leaving its weed odour inside the sploof.

Why Do Weed Smell?

Some people may like the smell of weed. However, others might not. It is common courtesy to not shove this smell in someone’s face, especially if they do not smoke weed as well.

When you smoke weed, the intense aroma comes out the most. By implementing some clever methods, you can reduce the smell of weed drastically.

If we were to compare what type of smoking will produce the most smell, you would be looking at either the joint or a blunt. This is because once you start to smoke it, the smell will start almost immediately.

To have less weed smell, using a bong is a better option. The action of not burning smoke in a bong means it won’t produce a strong cannabis aroma.

It is also important to remember that the kind of weed strain used will affect the strongness of the smell. Some weed types just have a stronger aroma than others.


If you want to ensure maximum effectiveness of removing odour, using a vaporizer such as THC Vape Pens along with the sploof is a good idea.

By using vape pens, there is no burning involved as it will only vaporize the weed. The strong odours of cannabis that come from compounds such as chlorophyll and lipids will also not be present.

This method will eliminate all odour and the people living with you will not suspect a thing.

DIY Solution on How To Make A Sploof – Cheap & Easy 

While there are higher-priced items such as an electric air purifier to filter cannabis smoke, you can always go for the cheap route and make your own sploof.

Our cheap method will work just as well and won’t break your wallet!

The items you need to start are:

  • Used up toilet roll 
  • Dryer sheets
  • Elastic/Rubber bands

make own sploof

First, start stuffing the empty toilet roll with the dryer sheets. Then, lay the empty toilet roll flat on one dryer sheet. Secure the two together using your rubber bands.

Next… that’s basically it! You have just made your own sploof.

You can even go an extra step to decorate your sploof and truly make it your own customized device.

The dryer sheets will also help freshen the air, which is an added bonus to mask the smell of smoking weed.

Even though it will not hide the smoking smell completely, it is still better than not using any kind of sploof.

In any case, you can always find daily discounts on your favorite glass pieces and vaporizers when you look online.

Other Methods To Control Smoke Odor

Here are some other ways you can use to control the odour of cannabis around people:

1 – Using a candle with a heavy scent

2 – Burning incense

3 – Spray all areas with any kind of air freshener 

By getting the best results for not smelling any smoke, you can crack open your window before the smoking session. 

Using all these methods together will also increase the chance of success.


There is always the debate on which sploof is the best one to use. 

While it is true that the expensive devices will give you better results, homemade sploofs will have the same functions without breaking the bank.

From this, you can see that no matter how much money you have to spend, getting a sploof is not out of the question for anyone and everyone.