What is Hash Oil? What is hashish? How to make hash oil? How do you smoke it? When was hash oil invented? 

You may be wondering about all these questions while smoking hash. Not to worry! This article will go over an overview of what hash oil is all about.

If you want to use hash in a different method, you can read this article on The Ultimate Guide on How To Smoke Hash for more information.

Say goodbye to the days where you can only roll up joints or eat weed-infused edibles. Now, there are so many options for weed concentrates and so many ways that you can smoke or use it. 

The increasing advancement in technology has also allowed us to make cannabis products that have high levels of THC.

With the different forms and textures that are available in THC levels from low to high, you can be sure to find a hash product with the right THC amount for your tolerance.

What is Hash Oil

Hash oil, also known as cannabis oil, is a highly potent cannabis extract that contains THC. This active ingredient can also be found in many weed plants, with the exception of CBD weed which does not contain any THC compounds. 

History of Hash Oil & When Was It Invented

Hash Oil was invented in the year 1970. It is nicknamed the dab, due to it being commonly used by taking a dab of the hash.

Dabbing started dying down shortly after it was first introduced. However, it is beginning to increase in popularity again after many decades.

Is Hash Oil Legal

Thanks to Canada legalizing weed back in 2018. Hash oil, along with all kinds of cannabis and weed concentrate, is completely legal. 

As long as you are not underaged in your province, you can now buy weed online or at a cannabis retail store near you.

What is Hash Oil Used For

hash oil

Hash oil is a form of weed concentrate extract that can be used in a number of ways. As stated above, hash can be used as a dabbing method.

It is also used through smoking in a rolled joint, vaping in THC Vape Pens, consumed as an edible, or even applied onto your skin as a cream.  

The moon rock joints are also a good way to use hash. This product is essentially dipped in hash oil and rolled into kief. It contains so much THC that you will be surprised at how potent it is!

How To Smoke Hash Oil

Smoking hash oil is easy. Here are the top two ways to smoke hash oil.

1 – Roll hash in a joint

roll in a joint

After grinding the desired amount of weed and getting the filter tip ready, it is time to sprinkle the weed into the rolled joint.

Take your time doing this step to get the perfect roll. Once this is done, you can add some drop of your hash oil to the grinded weed.

Finish off the joint by filling it with the remaining weed and sealing it all up.

You can now enjoy your joint by sparking it up with a lighter!

2 – Use a dab rig

This method requires you to have more supplies handy. You would need the following:

-Dab rig




-Hash oil

Dabbing hash oil has the benefit of not smoking in any harmful by-products into your lungs. This means that you won’t be causing any long term damage to your body.

The vaporizing effect of using a dab will also allow for a nicer experience with more flavours. 

To get started, you first need to place your nail into the dab rig. 

Then, you need to take a tiny bit of hash oil to put at the tip, where it will be inserted into the nail.

You will now use the torch to burn the nail until it gets hot. Once this is done, allow the nail to cool off. For quartz nails, let it cool for 45 seconds For titanium nails, you can allow 10 seconds for cooling.

The cooling period is necessary if you want to enjoy a smoother dabbing experience.

Now, you can drop more hash oil into the insides of the nail on the dabber, inhaling slowly. During this process, move the dabber around the nail with care. This is to ensure the hash oil at the tip is fully removed. 

By doing a slow inhale and exhale with steady movements, you will have an amazing time!


Hash oil is certainly a gift made by the cannabis flower. With the versatility of the product and the number of ways that it can be used, we can see why it is beginning to gain traction within the cannabis world.

Remember to consume hash oil in low and slow amounts. People tend to lose track of how potent the form of weed concentrate is.

Like all cannabis, make sure to buy from a trusted source such as our weed dispensary. We always make sure that all our products are of the highest quality, with the lowest prices in the industry to help you save money!

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