The name kief came into existence thanks to the crystal-like formations on the bulbous tip of the resinous trichomes. This of course is responsible for given cannabis its frosted appearance. With that said, the tip records and of course stores the highest concentration of the psychoactive phytocannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Amongst other things, the trichomes serves a very important role in getting you high.

While trichomes and THC is not the only substance in the cannabis flower, you can learn about CBD and it’s health benefits.

Creating keif isn’t that far off from creating a cannabis recipe, just a bit more delicate. Most keif recipes are made with indica cannabis strains, I enjoy my kief concentrate made with hybrid strains that add a punch.

How to make Kief Extraction

The THC-rich kief can be extracted from the cannabis plant through many ways. However, the simplest is by using a two-chamber herb grinder to filter and collect it. With that said, you may risk losing coveted kief crystals, especially if you decide to use a two-chamber herb grinder. With that in mind, should you be extracting huge quantities of kief, then it ideal to use simple screening materials.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that, many people turn to create their improvised sifters just so they save some a few bucks. In addition, your ability to place layered screens on each other is an ideal and cost-effective way of filtering as well as extracting kief from the rest of the cannabis plant material. Considering you’d like to bypass the production process, getting it directly from a dispensary is fine.

However, one way to know the quality of the product is by taking a good look at its color. By doing so you’d realize that, the purer the kief, the brighter and or lighter the color. On the other hand, if the kief is greenish in complexion, then it is evident it contains souring levels of material which makes it less pure. With that in mind, it should be worthy to note that, kief sandwiched with an off-white color turns to be purer and of course the best.

Consuming Kief

Although the production of kief is something challenging, consuming it after the production process is very easy and stress-free. With that said, some of the ways through which the kief is consumed include:

• Smoking

• Infusing it to edibles (take a look at our guide on canna butter here)

• Making moon rocks

• Making hash

• And many more.

You can really add keif to just about anything. I always enjoy adding a pinch to my bong toke r rolling a bit into my joint. Kief is a must in any tokers arsenal and something I always keep on me.

Final Note

While the kief may seem challenging to produce, lovers of the product see nothing wrong it that as long as it serves the purpose for which it has been produced. In addition, should you desire to create that perfect kief for yourself, enclosed above are some of the tips to guide you through every step of the way.

Add a gram of kief to your next order and check out how your DIY kief stack us to ours.