How to Grow Weed

Now that weed has been made legal in many countries and most states; you have the opportunity to grow your own. The thought of it by itself is exciting and could be your new hobby. Worst case scenario – it doesn’t work, so you can visit online dispensary Canada or get mail order marijuana delivered to your door.

  1. Select the best strain

Note that the different weed strains do have different results. You need to be conversant with the strain that you are working with. If you want weed that will be helping with anxiety there is a particular strain for that; if you are dealing with insomnia, there is also something for that. Before you do anything, select the strain that you will be growing.

  1. Know the male and female plants

You do not want to end up with buds full of seeds. Therefore, you should control the number of male plants that you will be having in your garden or farm. Note that the more the male plants, the more the pollen and the more the seed the female buds will be having.

  1. Soak seeds in water before planting

Now you are about to get started. To make the seeds germinate faster, you need to soak them in water for a couple of days before you plant them. Also, for best results, you should consider planting the seeds indoors if it is early spring and transplant outdoors in your farm after the frost goes away.

  1. Growing conditions

Under which conditions does the weed plant thrive more? You will get the best results if your plants are exposed to direct sunlight for a minimum of 6 hours every day and if you give them proper drainage. That means that raised beds and free air circulation would be perfect. Some manure in the soil a month before you plant cannabis will also enrich the earth with the nutrients that the plant requires.

  1. Watering

The plant needs moisture throughout. The moment you notice that the soil is going dry, water the plant. There is another trick that you could use. Most of the water in the soil disappears through evaporation. It can be controlled. Mulching will see to it that the soil does not lose too much moisture and the plant stays hydrated.

  1. Pruning

There will be some work for you as the plant grows. You will be required to prune the weed plant as it continues to grow. Why is it important? Well, note that the plant can grow to over 12 feet. Pruning will go a long way in making the plants manageable and also has a significant contribution to the yields that the plants will produce. You can do this by just cutting 30 percent of the bigger shoots every few weeks.

  1. Harvest

When do you harvest your weed? This should take place when the flower pistils change their color: that is from white to reddish-brown. You will be required to cut the buds and leaving about 6 inches of the stem behind. Cut all the leaves and hang them to dry in a warm place with shade for a week.

Now enjoy your weed!